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What is Expected of Parents:

  • Attend your child's games

  • Be a supportive parent for the manager and team

  • Communicate with the manager and volunteers only in appropriate ways

  • Cheer for all players on the team

  • Be a positive role model

  • Be there for your child, whether successful or struggling for success

  • Respect and support league volunteers and Umpires

  • Understand that the game is difficult to learn and play

  • Look for opportunities to work with your child on the basic skills of the game

  • Be positive and supportive whether your team wins or loses

  • Be a model of good sportsmanship

  • Never use negative comments to either team or players

  • NO SMOKING – smoking is prohibited at Morrisville Little League complexes. This includes vaping.

  • NEVER resort to physical threats or actions to rectify a situation. This is a game, a place for our children to learn and have fun. I understand any physical outbursts, or any occurrence of physical threats will be immediately directed to the executive board.

  • The playing field is for COACHES AND PLAYERS ONLY. No parent is allowed on the field at any time unless there is an injury.

What does Your Coaching Staff Expect of You:

  • To come to and enjoy the games. Cheer to make ALL the players feel important

  • To allow them to coach and run the team

  • To try not to question their leadership and training. All those involved with the game will make mistakes. This includes the coaches.

  • Do not holler at coaches, the players, or the umpires. We are all responsible for setting examples for our children. WE must be the role models in society today. If we eliminate negative comments, the children will have an opportunity to play without any unnecessary pressures and will learn the value of good sportsmanship.

  • If you wish to question our strategies or leadership, please do not do so in front of the players or fans. Phone numbers are made available to you to call any time you have a concern. It will also be available if you wish to offer your services at practices. A helping hand is always welcome.

What You Should Expect From Your Coaching Staff:

  • To be on time for all practices and games.

  • To be as fair as possible in giving equal time to all players

  • To do their best to teach the fundamentals of the game

  • To be positive and respect each child as an individual

  • To set reasonable expectations for each child and for the season

  • To teach the players the value of winning AND losing

  • To never holler at any member of the team, the opposing team, or the umpires.

  • Any confrontation will be handled in a respectful, quiet and individual manner.

A Note About Little League Rules:

The rules of Little League vary in some few but significant ways from the baseball you see on TV. Please learn the rules to better understand the game.

Morrisville Little League is an organization of volunteers. There are NO paid positions, except for Umpires, and even then, it's just a token. Each person involved gives up their time and effort to make a positive experience for all the players of the league.

The Board members spend great amounts of time year­ round to administer and organize the league.  Coaching staffs also spend a huge amount of time in both the pre­season and season for practices and games. They are giving of their experience and time; please respect that sacrifice.

The Umpires are not professionals, nor are they perfect. They're usually just kids or Dads who love and respect the great game of Baseball so much that they Ump just to be on the field. If we abuse them, they will eventually just go away (all of them).

Volunteer To Help:

Volunteering to help doesn't mean you're giving up your life. There are many small and/or one­ time jobs that need to be done both during the season and during the off­ season. Give what time you can and that means one less job that needs to be done by others.

Contact any Board member or your team's coaches to sign­ up.

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