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Field Responsibilities & Care

Without exception, managers, coaches, and parents from each team are obligated to participate in designated field preparation days.  No team practices will be scheduled or allowed to be conducted until field preparation is completed.

Pre-game responsibilities for the HOME team are as follows:

  • Remove tarps and place behind or near the backstop (Away from "in-play" areas.)
  • Rake and line the field and set the bases in place.
  • Treat puddles and/or muddy areas.
  • Install all bases and remove base plugs.
  • If necessary, fill-in holes around home plate, all bases, and the pitcher's mound.
  • If necessary, dampen (not soak) the infield to eliminate dust.
  • Has infield pre-game warm-up one half hour before the game for 15 minutes.
Post-game responsibilities for the AWAY team are as follows:

  • Clean out the bleachers and place any trash in the proper containers.
  • If necessary, fill in holes around home plate all bases, and the pitcher's mound.
  • Rake and drag the entire infield and the area around home plate and the pitcher's mound.
  • Dampen (not soak) the pitcher's mound and the area around home plate and replace the tarps.
  • Return lost items to the Majors Concession Stand.
  • Remove all bases and install base plugs. 
  • Has infield pre-game warm up 15 minutes before game time.
  • Sweeps out dugout after the game. Return all equipment to the proper storage box/shed and lock it.

Field Care Tips

Please keep in mind the following field care tips as you conduct practices and games:

  • After every game and practice, rake the loose soil back into the worn areas, particularly on the mound and batters boxes. Drag the field if a drag screen is handy and stay about 4 inches away from the edge.  This will minimize the number of areas where water will collect.

  • Remove pooled water by using the “puddle pillows” and the shop vac.  

  • Do not sweep water off of the field.  Sweeping creates ruts in the field and the infield dirt that is in the water will kill the grass.

  • To shop vac the water off of the field simply use a shovel to make a one inch deep hole in the center of the puddle, place the hose in the puddle, turn the shop vac on and let it run until either the water is gone or the shop vac is full.  Discard the water along the fence line.

  • If possible try to remove the water from the field a few hours before your game/practice time so the field has enough time to dry naturally.

  • Do NOT remove dirt from the field.

  • Do NOT add dirt to the field.

  • If the field is still wet at game/practice time, sprinkle “Diamond Dry” and let it work for about 15 minutes.   

  • Please pick up any trash and sweep the dugouts after every game/practice.

  • Accidents happen and equipment wears out, so please report any damages and/or missing equipment to the division coordinator or a member of the Board of Directors.

Following these simple tips will go a long way to keeping our fields in top playing shape!

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