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Tee Ball Division


Tee Ball Division

Eligibility: Second year players ages 5 or 6, Ages are as of August 31, 2022. If your child is 6 and enthusiastic about playing baseball, consider tryouts for Transition Baseball.  Contact the Tee Ball Coordinator for more information.
Purpose: To teach players the fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing the ball and running the bases.
Basic Structure: Players are placed on a team by the League Player Agent and the Tee Ball Coordinator.  Teams will play other Tee Ball teams within Morrisville Little League. Teams will typically play two games per week from mid-April through early-June.  One weekday and one on Saturday. Coaches may also hold a practice each week. Games last 5 innings. Score is not kept. No innings should be started after 90 minutes, but the game should progress until the last inning is complete.  Batters hit off the tee for the first half of the season.  Coaches pitch for the second half of the season.    Outs are recorded.  Each half inning ends when either eight players hit or three outs are recorded.
Equipment: The league will provide each player with a hat, shirt, pants and socks. The league will provide each team with bats, balls, catcher’s gear, helmets, first aid kit and ice packs. Each player needs to have his/her own glove.   Each player should wear sneakers or cleats. Soft Core “Tee Ball” baseballs will be used.
Location: All games are played on the Tee Ball fields in Williamson Park on Delmorr Avenue in Morrisville.  
Additional Information
1. The Goal is to ensure all players have fun and learn the game!
2. Home teams sit third base side.
3. Score is NOT kept.  This is purely an instructional league.
4. There are no umpires.  The closest coach to the play males the call.  Calls are never disputed.
5. Each ½ inning ends when each player on the team has had 1 at bat or if 3 outs have been made.  When the last batter is at the plate, “last batter” is announced and that player, along with the current base runners, round the bases until they touch home plate.  The catcher should set up and apply tags as the base runners cross the plate.  Limit 8 batters per inning.
6. If a player hits a ball into the outfield that player can attempt to reach second, but remember, outs do count.
7. Do not advance runners on overthrows.
8. Runners that are out will not remain on base. 
9. The fielding team places 1 player at each infield position with up to four players playing the outfield.  The catcher plays up against the backstop.  The pitcher, 1st and 2nd basemen, and shortstop get the most balls hit to them so rotate those positions well.  
10. The only player on the field with a bat in their hands is the player up to bat.  NO on-deck batters.
11. Players must wear a protective batting helmet at all times while at bat and while on base as a base-runner. 
12. Batters hit off the tee for the first half of the season and the coach pitches for the second half of the season.  If the batter swings and misses 3 times during an at-bat they must then hit off the tee.  There are no strikeouts.
13. Bunting is prohibited. 
14. Bats must say T-ball on them. Players cannot use a higher level bat.
15. Sportsmanship and Teamwork are vital.   Ensure players line-up to shake hands after the game. “Good Game”.
16. Ensure positive reinforcement is used for batters and fielders at all times.
17. If the weather looks poor or the field is unplayable, the Home coach (in alignment with Away coach) will make the final decision whether or not to play.  IF THERE IS LIGHTNING, THERE WILL BE NO GAMES AND GAMES UNDERWAY MUST BE CALLED IMMEDIATELY.   

Contact Information:

Tee Ball Coordinators

Jay Alvino
[email protected]

Ben Battiste
[email protected]

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